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The Artist

Welcome to my photography website, studio and storefront. My passion is to use my cameras to capture the natural emotions, great expressions and real personalities that only happen as a result of photographing people. Young children, expressive teens, older folks, couples in love, interactive families and individuals who just love life, all have the potential to aid in the creation of captivating images that will be valued by friends, families and heirs for not only years to come - but for generations.

There is an old photography adage that out of every hundred or so

photographs you take, you might get that one perfect shot. That

couldn't be truer than with portrait photography. You've all

seen the fashion photographer snapping a never ending

barrage of photos of his model. What's changing? The

lighting? The scenery? No, It's the person. It's the

expression, and it takes hundreds of photos to capture

that one perfect look.

Coy?Sexy?Cool?Beautiful. It's all in a fleeting glance.

If you think a department store or photo studio franchise is

going to spend hours with you tryng to get it right, think

again. That's not the case with Art = Visual photographer

Brian Mitchell. A typical photo session with him spans 2-3

hours in which hundreds of photos are taken. Why?

Because that's what it takes to capture a fleeting glance.

For portrait sessions I can work in a dedicated studio, on location or preferably at your home and can shoot in a variety of styles, from formal to contemporary.

I hope you like the examples of my work on this web site, if you would like to see my full portfolio or meet for a no-obligation chat, then please give me a call.