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FAQAre prints included in the session fee?No. The session fee reimburses me for my time and talent before, during and after your session..Like most services you receive, the cost of the labor and the cost of the product are listed separately.Print prices refer to the value of the finished products that you receive from your session. How long does it take to receive my order?Prints will be ready for pick up 2-3 weeks after the order is placed.Do you shoot digitally or with film?Most events are shot digital but if need be I have the equipment and knowledge to shoot film.What should I wear?Solid colored clothing with long sleeves generally serves to eliminate distractions in a portrait and place the emphasis on the subject's face. Wear classic styles of clothing. Trendy fashions tend to date the portrait. When two or more people are photographed together have all subjects wear similar styles in the same color family. This helps place equal emphasis on individuals and eliminates the possibility that one person will dominate the portrait.The color of the clothes:* Avoid bright reds and orange (they battle the subject's face for attention)* Darker colors are generally better than light colors* Colors like white, yellow, and pink tend to over-power the face and make the subject took too pale* In general, the best colors are medium shades of blue, green, burgundy, and rust.I'm interested in maternity portraits. When is the best time to have these done?I prefer the moms-to-be to wait until 35-38 weeks. The best clothing choices are solid black, solid white and jeans with a simple button up shirt or tube top.Do you offer retouching?We try to keep our images as clean and natural as possible, however we do offer retouching as an additional service. Light cosmetic retouching is included with all albums and prints 8x12 or larger when necessary